Flexo Label Presses
1995 Arsoma EM280 -  Arsoma EM280 Age: 1995 Web width: 280mm Unwind with roll lift Web guide with splice table 2 x flexo print stations 2 x hot air dryers 2 x rotary die stations waste rewind 2 x spare finishing slots exit nip with slitting station rewind L3795
2001 Gallus EM510 -  Gallus EM510 Age: 2001 web width: 510mm unwind web guide splice table 7 x flexo print units 7 x GEW UV dryers 4 x hot air dryers overhead rail system delam unit relam unit web turn bar 2 x spare finishing process slots 2 x rotary die stations 1 x exit nip 1 x slitting/sheeting station 1 x sheet delivery with conveyor Gallus TR510 5-spindle turret rewinder with tail and core gluing L3797
2018 Etirama Superprint -   L3819
2016 Nilpeter FA4 -  Nilpeter FA4 Age: 2016 web width: 410mm Automatic register control Unwind with roll lift Web guide with splice table Web cleaner Vetaphone corona treater 7 x flexo print stations 1 x gravure print station Hot air dryer 1 x flexo print station 1 x large chill roller 10 x GEW UV dryers Full press rail system Web turn bar Lamination unit 2 x rotary die stations (1 x K&B GapMaster) Waste rewind with pressure roller BST Eltromat Inspection Camera Razor slitting station Rewind with roll lift Sheeting station Sheet delivery conveyor Touch screen control panel Anilox and print sleeves L4095
2001 Edale Alpha -  EDALE ALPHA, 4 COLOUR FLEXO LABEL PRESS Age 2001 max web width 250mm (10 Inches) 4 x VTi UV drying units 4 x flexo print units unwind unit turner bar laminating unit EL web guide splice table 3 rotary die stations waste rewind product rewind rotary slitting L4040
1999 Focus F250 -  FOCUS F250 Age: 1999 Unwind Web Guide Splice Table 5 x Flexo Print Units 2 x Rotary Die Stations Hot Air Drying Waste Rewind Product Rewind L3993
2001 Gallus EM410 -  Gallus EM410 Age: 2001 Unwind with roll lift E+L Web guide Teknek two-sided web cleaner Arcotec Corona treater Press rail system Delam/Relam Web turn bar 7 x flexo print heads 7 x GEW ECP UV dryers 7 x water-cooled chill rolls 1 x rotary die station with K&B GapMaster Waste rewind Crane for magnetic die station loading BST video inspection camera Rewind Hyfra Chiller Printing cylinders: 7 x 96t, 7 x 100t, 19 x 104t, 7 x 112t, 12 x 115t, 7 z 120t, 7 x 136t, 6 x 178t Anilox cylinders: 22 x anilox cylinders L4121
2011 Mark Andy 2200-Servo -  Mark Andy 2200S-17 Age: 2011 Automatic register control Unwind with roll lift North American Web Guide with splice table Softal corona cleaner (single-sided) 8 x flexo print stations 8 x GEW E-Brick UV Dryers 8 x water-cooled chill rolls Web Turn Bar Delam/Relam Gizmo Unit (crossover) Lamination unwind 2 x rotary die slots Waste rewind BST Camera inspection system Exit die slot Rewind with roll lift/lower L4120
Offset Label Press
2007 Gallus TCS250 -  Age: 2007, Web width: 250mm, Unwind, Web guide, Web cleaner, Corona treater, 1 x rotary screen print station, 4 x offset print stations, 1 x hot foil print station, 2 x offset print stations, 1 x flexo varnish station, 1 x screen print station, Embossing station, Flatbed die cutting station, Waste rewind, 9 x IST UV dryers, Twin rewind L4074
Screen Presses
2010 Nilpeter-Stork FA4-Mk2 Screen heads -  Nilpeter FA4 Stork Screen heads - two available  L4066
2009 Nanovis NWC-545 parts washer -  NANO NWC 545 CLEANER dimensions: L 545mm x W 300mm x D 240mm Cleans ink trays, rollers, doctor blade holders etc Cleans UV and solvent based inks Uses VOC cleaning agents - this does not need to be replaced due to the inbuilit recyling system L3600
Misc Gallus EM410 Screen Head -  Gallus EM410 Rotary Screen Head 2 x available Include Squeege P2
Spare Parts
Hot Foil
1996 Aldo Berra 2E -  Aldo Berra 2E Hot Foil Embossing Age: 1996 Web width: 250mm Unwind Web guiders Re-register sensor 1 x flatbed hot foil head: 230mm x 230mm foiling area 1 x flatbed die cutting head: 230mm x 230mm cutting area Lamination unwind Lamination waste rewind Sheeting attached 2 x rewinds L3938
Die Cutter
2008 Scantech Visiontrack -  SCANTECH VISION TRACK DRS Age: 2008 reel lift 76mm unwind Surfscan inspection camera slitting station waste rewind anti static bar PCE Pharma Control system for missing text detection festoon rewind system, barcode and pharma code checker product rewind Max speed with 100% inspection: 120mpm Max speed black labels: 250mpm L3710
2006 ABG SR410 -  Age: 2006 Web width: 410mm Unwind FMS Electronic web guide Splice table Pneumatic slitting unit Crush knife slitting unit 12 channel missing label detector Inspection table Web advance arm Rewind Label and length counter L4021
2000 Ashe Opal Rewinder -  Ashe Rewinder Age: 2000 Serial no: 314-00 Web width: 330mm Unwind Web guide with splice table Slitting station Waste rewind Rewind Label and length count L3830
2019 Etirama Evo Slitter Rewinder -  Etirama Evo Slitter Rewinder Web width: 350mm Unwind Web guide Splice table Slitting station Rewind Label and length count L3805
1991 Rotoflex R2000 -  ROTOFLEX R2000 Age 1991 Large capacity unwind (1,000mm) Max Web Width 510 mm Splice table Web Guide Missing label detection Anti-static bar Rotary Slitting Strobe inspection Large capacity rewind L4028
Digital Presses